Stay on top of client projects in 2020 with Workflow Software

Given the rise of digital technology, the clients of many accountants have become more demanding than ever. Clients now expect to get real-time updates and access to transactions. Fortunately, accountants can keep up with such demands and needs of the clients by utilizing workflow software.

The finance industry is turning to workflow software because of its improved features and functionalities. Budgeting and forecasting have become much easier to do, while invoices, payment processing, and billing activities can easily be done within a few clicks. The software also allows for more efficient auditing and expense management.

If you’re considering the implementation of workflow software into your processes, here are five benefits that may just push you to get started:

1. It makes invoicing easy

Invoicing is often thought to be a rather manual process as you have to create the documents, follow up on payment, and deposit checks while ensuring every single detail is recorded correctly. Fortunately, workflow software such as Firm 360 simplifies invoicing with templates, automatic backups, recurring invoices, and more. Invoicing has never been so easy!

2. It improves document management

Workflow software runs a cloud feature that lets all software users store and access documents across all devices at any time and anywhere. Workflow software can also enable clients to collaborate with you by providing them access to records.

3. It promotes better transparency

Each transaction will be documented in the workflow software, and all of the involved parties can easily access the file to view the records. Through this, it promotes increased transparency to the entire team and to the clients to give them peace of mind because they will know that their requests are being handled properly.

4. It reduces costs

Automated workflows and tasks require less employee intervention. As a result, this reduces the costs of hiring staff as less time is dedicated to manually completing such tasks. At the same time, automation frees up accountants to work on other essential tasks that will bring more value to the clients or their firm.

5. It identifies setbacks

Workflow software can show you the level of expenditures and whether or not they are justified. By using such technology, it will be easier to spot any flaws so that you can let accountants and finance firms work on alternatives to improve crucial financial decisions.

How to Choose the Right Workflow Software

Know that there are many available workflow software for the finance industry today. This is why it can be an overwhelming task to find the right one for your business needs.

To help you in your selection process, here are several tips:

At this point, you now know more about the benefits of workflow software. Use this in your business and be ready for the positive life-changing results that it will bring to your business! If you are looking for a workflow routing software for your accounting firm, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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