How Cloud Computing Benefits Small Business Owners - What to Know

April 4, 2020

Cloud computing gives small businesses a way to access data on the go. It provides access to applications any time, on any mobile device. When small businesses use cloud computing, they store their data on a network of servers hosted on the Internet. Management and processing of the data also happen remotely, which helps them secure large amounts of data.
Cloud-based accounting applications are beneficial for small business owners. This type of application allows owners to access data, send invoices and track expenses from wherever they are. They do not need to be in the office or near the server to know how their business is doing at any given moment. In this article, we discuss the reasons why small businesses should look into cloud computing solutions for their operations.
1. Cloud-based solutions are cost-effective and secure

  • Invoicing & payments software help businesses streamline their processes, avoiding late payments and paying clients faster. With cloud-based software, you can also create custom invoices, eliminating the need to outsource for a design.
  • When you use cloud computing software, you prevent identity theft and secure customer transactions. If you house your customer data in a dedicated server, there is a chance that your customer information might be targeted by dishonest individuals and used in fraudulent ways. Cloud-based software encrypts customer data, keeping it away from people who might take advantage.

2. They free your administrative officers for other tasks

  • In small businesses, office managers often handle everything that has to do with computers in the office. This means they get swamped with administrative duties from time to time, including the installation and maintenance of HR payroll and invoicing software. If you use a cloud computing solution, you eliminate these tasks.
  • With this type of storage, files, data backups, and programs are all stored in the cloud, which means you don’t need to maintain your own server. Cloud computing applications are also maintained from the provider’s end. This means your administrator does not need to spend time updating the software themselves.

3. Customer relationship management is easier

  • Client interactions directly impact the performance of your business. Satisfied customers are likely to come back for repeat transactions, or to tell others about your products or services. Knowing how to recreate those results is necessary for success.
  • A cloud-based client relationship management software helps you manage your contacts by storing and organizing customer information. With a cloud-based solution, you can see what clients have asked about or looked into. You can also keep track of warm leads, people who aren’t customers yet but are interested in your products. With a cloud-based CRM software, you get a sales, marketing, and accounting tool all in one.

4. Cloud-based solutions are scalable

  • If you have a cloud-based accounting service, you can easily increase your company’s capacity to process orders. An increase in resources for businesses that rely on physical storage means purchasing upgrades or looking into better servers. If your computing is done online, all you need to do is upgrade your account with your provider.
  • This also means you can scale up or down as needed. If you have sudden surges in website traffic around predictable times of the year, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can upgrade as necessary for only these periods.

For small businesses, cloud-based computing has many benefits. Small business accounting software saves money, is agile, and helps your employees become more productive.
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