It's Time to Stop Wasting Time — Today!

With the world paused, we seem to have more time than ever. So why is it so difficult to be productive and get caught up? Even the most structured, driven people are finding the COVID-19 quarantine draining and stressful. Firm360 has all sorts of tools to help business owners navigate their practice in this odd time, including workflow routing and time tracking, with all of the bells and whistles. In today’s blog, we have listed some advice on how to be business-savvy and successful in any situation, including a world-wide quarantine!

The Basics.

Set Alerts.

Manage Your Workflow.

Time is Money.


As we said before, we understand how difficult this time is. Automated time tracking significantly reduces mistakes, helps you and your employees stay on track, and makes it easy to plan and set reminders. We hope that these tools will encourage you to get things done.

This way, you can use your time to do the things you love without feeling guilty while simultaneously knowing you’ve done something for the benefit of your business and employees. We encourage you to stay home, stay safe, and stay productive — we’ll work our way through this together.

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