Creating Your Work Space At Home

Our workspaces greatly influence how we approach our work. If the space is disorganized, cluttered, or not designated as a workspace, it can feel difficult to focus and feel productive. It’s equally important for you to feel comfortable and have a sense of security in your workspace.

Working from home has become a major lifestyle change for the majority of the population. Now, instead of having photos of your family and your dog in the office, you are a mere five feet from them at all times during your workday at home.

Easily accessed files and amenities (printers, scanners, desk phones, etc.) that you normally have access to in the office, you have had to put together haphazardly at home. It can be difficult to recreate the workspace that you are familiar with! Today, we will highlight mental health and the importance of creating a “safe space” while working from home.

Pesky Problems

If your life has been affected by COVID-19 like so many others, then you have been operating on the edge of your seat for weeks. Once the orders came in, one week you were scrambling to get your things together from your office space to move them to your home - to the next week being informed that for the foreseeable future, you would be working remotely from home!

This didn’t give you enough time to grab everything you needed, but it also didn’t allow you to get an adequate home office space coordinated and properly set up. Right now, take a moment to look around. Have you put any effort into the space that you now spend the majority of your time?

It’s important to have a place to work in your home that is separate from where you sleep and eat. Waking up and staying in bed for a whole day doing your work, is not an adequate space to do your work productively!

Create an organized space in your home, somewhere that you can coordinate quiet time and stay focused without the distractions that come from being at home.

Praiseworthy Productivity and Personality

You have worked hard to become a successful business professional. Let those positive qualities shine through into your workspace! You don’t need much to add personality to your workspace, adding simple items like a plant or a candle can significantly improve your state of mind and your overall mood.

Consider adding incense to your space using clarity enhancing scents, such as Sandalwood for maintaining sharper awareness. Do you have an inspiring or motivating photo that you can hang or have close by that invokes creativity?

Surround yourself within a work environment that brings mental stability and motivation throughout the day. Make the best of the situation in front of you and try not to focus on the things outside of your control! Focus on what you can control - which is creating a work space that hones your natural ability and eliminates distractions.

Be Proactive

This work-from-home scenario is going to be around still for a while, we are all getting new instructions every day. Take the time to make your home work space a place that works for you during this time of uncertainty.

Your space doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming, it should aid you in this new normal we have found ourselves in. Make the most of what you can control and do these little things that can change the entire outcome of your work day.

Keep a positive mindset, create a better work environment, and your outlook can greatly improve your work ethic, influencing the attitudes of your fellow employees and everyone else around you!

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