4 Reasons Why Accountants Should Switch to Cloud Computing

July 9, 2020

The digital revolution has swept across industries, bringing forth new and better technologies that promise to make work more efficient and easier than ever. As the world continues to embrace the change brought about by the digital world, the accounting industry remains a little far behind in terms of advancement.
Accounting is a landscape of multitasking, as accountants are required to perform tasks such as financial modeling, auditing, data analysis, client management—all at the same time. While most firms operate on systems and processes that get the job done, some problems inevitably arise. Issues like loss of data, information repetition, and hardware malfunctions cause firms to shell out on heavy expenditures.
In the world of accounting, data is king. Loss of any piece of it can be detrimental to everything else, which is why it’s important for companies to begin investing in cloud technology. Adopting cloud for accounting processes means that data is stored in the cloud, keeping all of your valuable information safe and secure.
To learn more about cloud technology and storage, here are four reasons why you should invest in it today:

Reason #1: Allows remote access

Your employees will likely be stuck in their desks, as every accounting application and data can only be accessed through the local systems. This makes the possibility of remote work near impossible, hampering productivity and causing you to lose valuable clients.
Through a cloud service, however, you’ll now be empowered to access accounting documents from anywhere in the world, at any time. The only catch is that you need to have a stable internet connection, but other than that, the work-life can now be flexible for you and your team.

Reason #2: Encourages collaboration

Accountants rely heavily on collaboration and teamwork, as it entails the unending need of sharing and working on documents with colleagues. Ensuring that everyone has access to data can be challenging, as sending documents back and forth through email may lead to loss of data, duplication, and even the unfortunate circumstances of overlooking details.
With cloud technology by your side, however, collaboration and communication are made easy. It essentially services as a communal platform that contains every piece of work, which can be easily accessed and shared through links.

Reason #3: Allows you to save on costs

Unfortunately, investing in an IT infrastructure can be costly. It will require you to shell out costs on capital, to be followed closely by operational expenses such as hardware and accounting software purchases, the need for IT staff, and even its repair and maintenance.
With the help of cloud computing, however, you’ll be able to save much on costs. Cloud service providers already make everything possible for you—you need only choose a hosting plan that best suits your needs. The payment can usually be done either monthly or annually, but the amount of money you’ll be saving is undeniable.

Reason #4: Provides better security

As the world progresses further into the digital age, the number of cyber threats continue to rise. It’s become the biggest concern for most industries, including accounting. Data loss can also happen due to hardware mishaps, accidents, and even split-second poor decision making.
Through a cloud computing service, however, your data and operations will be safely stored in cloud servers. Any loss of data or damage to your local system means your valuable data will be left untouched. Extra security measures will also be in place, as cloud servers offer advanced security measures for all your needs.

The Bottom Line

From everything mentioned above, cloud computing technology is certainly beneficial for accountants. Investing in technology allows work to be easier and more efficient, paving the way for a work-life balance through remote work.
It also encourages collaboration, helps companies save on costs, and even protects valuable data from loss and other threats. The future is now, and by investing in the cloud, your company will be reaping rewards!
Firm360 offers cloud-based firm management software for accountants, which includes the coveted cloud computing technology. Developed by accountants for accountants, we understand what it means to want a workplace that’s innovative, efficient, and productive. Invest in your company’s future today!

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