What to Know About Launching a Financially Strong CPA Firm

Launching a successful firm requires more than hiring a group of highly-skilled individuals and hunting for clients. Your firm is a business; it benefits you to take this mindset as early as possible.

Otherwise, you will struggle with your accounting practice’s workflow management. If you have a hard time consolidating billing and client information, get caught up in your project timelines, or have other monetary struggles, here are some solutions to adopt.

Find a niche for your firm

Sit down and figure out the specific industry you want to serve, or the particular aspect of accounting you want to provide. You have to provide exceptional service or rare skills to your clients to justify the price tag on your packages.

Consult people who have launched firms, take stock of your team’s strengths and interests, or fill a void. When you match your CPAs’ skills to the types of clients you get, you will find it easy to devise an efficient time tracking system.

Create a business plan and budget

Business plans can be simple documents; they do not need to be 100 pages long. All it needs is information on your startup capital, your projections for cash flow, and how much income you think the company needs to keep the lights on every month.

A business plan can also include the number of hours your company needs to work every month, and how your workforce might fill those. Decisions about workflow management and time tracking for your CPAs will be much easier if you have master documents like these.

Keep track of your expenses

No matter how lean you keep your organization, you will always have expenses. Things like software, liability insurance, workflow routing software, entity creation, and others will need budgeting. Keep in mind that you do not have to empty your banks to get a business off the ground.

When you work from home or have a distributed team, you can cut back drastically on your overhead. Technology has changed a lot about how we work, and you can leverage these changes to make your startup grow steadily.

In contrast, do not splurge on unnecessary expenses once you get high-ticket clients. Evaluate each business decision for its utility to your company in the long run, and not just for your latest $10,000-per-year client.

Use technology in strategizing

Research the market and see what clients are getting from other CPAs and firms. Look at blogs that cover your niche, read competitors’ websites, and search through Yelp and other third-party review sites.

Use technology in other ways as well. Study SEO, allocate an amount for pay-per-click campaigns, and build a better website. You can also get accounting firm management software to help you process billing, track your CPAs’ billable hours, store document templates, and more.


You will inevitably have challenges when launching your CPA firm. There are so many factors, both internal and external, that could impact your success. To prevent your firm from succumbing to broader market forces, you need to build a robust system.

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