Ways CPAs Can Manage Stress During Tax Season

Ways CPAs Can Manage Stress During Tax Season

Stress and taxes are two words you’re likely to come across in the same sentence often. When tax season rolls around, healthy habits and pastimes are typically the first to drop off your list of dailies. Taking time for yourself is what keeps stress levels under control.

Whether your firm employs 2 or upwards of 100, open communication, recognition, and understanding are what keep your staff motivated. You can foster a productive work environment by practicing the following stress management tips and encouraging your team to do the same.

Tip 1 - Get Fresh Air

You’ve likely heard it before, and for a good reason. Indulging in a little fresh air by taking a walk around the block or basking under the sun on a park bench can provide temporary relief from the hustle and bustle of workplace traffic.

Tip 2 - Take a Mental Break

Sick leaves don’t have to be limited to physical illnesses. If you or any member of your team are suffering from emotional turmoil, taking a step away can allow for much-needed recharging. If you’re unable to leave the workplace, take a moment to bury your head in a book, or engage in water cooler talk with a team member.

Tip 3 - Practice Healthy Habits

Coffee and a vending machine snack don’t equate to a healthy meal. Despite your workload, resist the temptation to skip lunch. Keep your water bottle full to the brim and pack a nutritious meal that you’ve prepared the night before. You’ll stay sharp and alert, not missing a beat meeting after meeting.

Tip 4 - Go Tech-Free When You Leave the Office

Some business owners live on their phones. While it keeps operations running to be always available, going tech-free for dinner or before bed will give you the break you deserve. Even in the workplace, swapping out computer-based tasks for manual assignments for an hour will rest your eyes, back, and neck.

Tip 5 - Keep Moving

Sitting at your desk 247 is the bane of backaches and neck soreness. If you have time to spare, take a walk around the building, and practice your self-care routine. If you’re at the beck and call of your desktop, take five minutes every hour to stretch, recite affirmations, and realign yourself with your daily goals.

Tip 6 - Host Occasional Workshops

Signs of firm leadership are the ability to promote wellness and encourage self-care. Host a quarterly or biannual workshop for stress coping tactics and leave the floor open to suggestions. Each member must come to terms with their unique stress triggers. Whenever possible, invite a qualified speaker or lead a workplace yoga session.


Regardless of your career path, the job will come with some level of stress. Sometimes, a sound work-life balance becomes difficult to come by, what with daily emotional and intellectual challenges. However, stress relief efforts and a positive outlook can invite a more fulfilling work environment for all.

If time gets ahead of you, time tracking software can nip the problem in the bud. With My Firm 360, simplifying your workday is as easy as the click of a mouse. By marrying self-care practices and workflow management, the day becomes just as seamless as it should be.

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