Why Your Firm Needs A Cloud-Based Portal

In a highly digital world, streamlining your existing processes is key to success. Changing customer behaviors has compelled businesses all over the world to invest in technology, one of them being cloud-based portals. These portals are increasingly becoming a familiar sight to customers, especially in the realm of finance.

Client portals offer you a private and secure website, where your firm can easily share and exchange documents with clients. You’ll be able to give them access to quotes, invoices, and other relevant documents, all with a few taps and clicks. Communication is also made accessible, allowing you to cut back operating time and costs. All they need is a user name and password, and you’re all set.

The increasing demand for instant access to information is rooted in this innovative solution, especially when it comes to important documents they wish to accomplish. Clients are expected to be constantly updated on their financial status, and since they’re paying your for your services, they’ll want everything to be instant and convenient.

Unfortunately, your firm isn’t always accessible 247. Your employees need a break every once in a while, or certain meetings may need to be held. By investing in a client portal, however, you never have to worry about disappointing clients. Here’s what it offers your firm:

1 - 247 access to your services

Through the help of a good client portal, you’re able to empower your clients to gain control over their financial needs. By giving them instant access to their information, they’re readily able to track invoices, quotes, and other necessary information.

You’ll also be providing flexibility and convenience, which translates into a commendable customer experience. In doing so, you’re able to increase your reputation as a firm. Any questions, concerns, and requests will no longer be necessary—everything can be made accessible through the portal, used at their convenience anytime, anywhere.

2 - A secure and encrypted environment

With a good online portal, you’ll be able to share calendars, billing information, and documents in a safe environment. Your clients will need to get access information to view their documents, which will be subject to certain restriction grants. Their accounts will also be protected by passwords, ensuring that the entire portal is safe.

Your portal will further be strengthened by encryption, which allows the entire portal to be safe from cyber-attacks. With thorough security systems and regular updates in place, both parties can rest assured that sensitive client and company data will remain safe and sound.

3 - Time-efficient processes

When it comes to running a firm, time is gold. The old adage may be cliche but as a business owner, you understand that cutting your process time in half means more profit and better productivity. By saving your staff from performing repetitive tasks, you can allocate them to better and more meaningful ones, especially efforts that can bring in more sales.

You can also eliminate any recurring costs, which can come in the form of phone calls, mail and courier services, and even printing companies. With a client portal in place, you can perform every single task in a one-time expense digital platform.

Reaping the Rewards of Digital Transformation

From everything gathered, one thing is clear—everyone benefits from investing in a cloud-based client portal. Such a platform allows your clients to have access to impeccable service, one that provides them with instant and convenient access, no matter where they are in the world. Your employees will also be operating in a safe and encrypted environment, free from any malware attacks. Above all, you’re able to cut costs, effectively allowing your firm to earn better.

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