How To Successfully Lead Remote Work For Your Accounting Firm

Although the world continues to operate in such unprecedented times, companies have now become accustomed to remote work. This is particularly true for various accounting firms all over the world. With a plethora of collaboration tools, most have made a remote work model easy to transition to.

Unfortunately, this wealth of resources has also become a bane for countless accountants. Struggling to adapt remains to be one of the biggest challenges to business operations, especially when it comes to coordination and team collaboration. As a result, optimal productivity suffers.

If you’re one of the many firms still worried about the slowing down of business, you don’t have to be. Automated workflow software systems exist for a reason, and they’re designed to help boost productivity across all departments, no matter where they are in the world.

All you need is a tiny boost, and here are some steps to help you create a remote work setup that delivers, supported by your workflow management system for better results :

Step 1: Assess your team

Remote work means your team is distributed, and the first step to achieving success is to understand that a distributed team works differently from an office-based one. The novelty of simply walking over to the other’s desk for clarifications has now ceased to exist, and as the leader, you need to adopt effective strategies to promote communication, accountability, and of course, team bonding.

Various strategies can readily be implemented, such as establishing the go-to communication platform, distributing communication etiquettes, and even mandating weekly check-ins for better accountability. Bear in mind that your accountants don’t have to be micromanaged—they just need to be led effectively.

Step 2: Re-analyze the tools used

Once you’ve assessed your team, it’s now time to analyze the tools already at your disposal. Having the right set of digital tools is the key to remote work success. In other words, emails just won’t be cutting it. In addition to CRM platforms and other systems, you’ll want to adopt tools that best suit your accounting team’s needs. You can upgrade your video conferencing channel, for instance, especially if you wish to call more participants.

You’ll also want to reassess your workflow automation platform, as this essentially handles all your administrative tasks. Without it, you risk overloading your employees with too many tasks, thereby compromising the smooth running of operations. With client information and trust at stake, you’ll want to work with a good platform that easily streamlines your tasks.

Step 3: Studying your processes

A good communication plan and reliable tools can help your accounting firm run smoothly, but remote work also entails you to revisit your existing processes. This ensures that work is done as efficiently as possible, without compromising quality and client trust. You’ll want to evaluate your existing business processes, which are usually composed of recurring actions in your operations. This might be the approval of loans or purchase orders, or perhaps the steps needed before obtaining a reimbursement.

As you shift to remote work, remember that you need to make adjustments in light of virtual work. Switching to digital work comes with limitations, meaning that your strategies need to be redesigned accordingly. As you make changes, however, remember to keep everyone on the same page!

A Workflow Management Software That Delivers

In a time of uncertainty, an accounting firm that cannot keep up with changes is bound to fail. You need to ensure that remote work transitions are as smooth as possible, especially since your reputation is on the line.

With so many possible bumps on the road, however, the idea of remote work can easily feel limiting and unproductive. For this reason, make sure to keep these steps in mind. You’ll want a solid communication platform, workflow automation software, and of course, versatile company processes.

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