Tips on How To Manage Last-Minute Tax Clients Effectively

December 17, 2020

It's always suggested to work on your taxes ahead of time and to avoid procrastinating tax duties. However, you'll inevitably meet clients who deal with their taxes at the last minute, giving both of you a bit of a headache.
There are three types of last-minute tax clients: extremely disorganized, those who owe lots of money, and those with complex tax situations. And sometimes, some clients will fit into more than one group, and their reason for procrastinating is that they don't want to face their tax issues.
Because of this, many companies and agents use client management software for accountants to help them stay on top of their list of clients and ensure that all taxes are accomplished and completed before the deadline.
However, if you're dealing with an uncompleted list of tax clients, don't panic; we've got you covered. Here are some tips on how to handle last-minute tax clients effectively. Let's get to it!

1. Take control of the situationAs the deadline for taxes quickly approaches, you must take control of the situation and control your own time. Besides that, you shouldn't allow your clients to add stress during this time and make you work after work hours to accomplish their tax issues.
You can do this by providing strict deadlines and a window to submit all the necessary information and paperwork for their taxes. Reiterate that you have a fixed date and time for submissions, or else they'll miss their tax deadlines altogether. You'll also want to explain the consequences of failing to file a return by the deadline, such as the penalties, interest, and more.
Some like using client management software for accountants to keep track of their client's tax issues, concerns, and to-do lists, ultimately helping them accomplish the client's tax requirements before the deadline.

2. Review all the files carefullyNow that you have all the needed paperwork for filing, you should be able to document certain questions and answers for you to meet requirements for tax breaks, like Earned Income Credit.
Besides that, review all the facts and ensure that all requirements are presented for each credit, deduction, and exclusion claimed.

3. Take time to meet with your client A great way to avoid miscommunications and to be able to learn any life changes and significant transactions during the year is to meet with your client for a face-to-face appointment.
When your client comes in for a meeting, you can review last year's tax return. Besides that, you'll be able to ask if they have foreign bank accounts, and if they have new investments, significant life changes, such as marriages or new babies, and more.
By meeting up with your client, you'll be able to make up for the lost time and accomplish all tax-related requirements before the given deadline.

ConclusionNow that you know our top three tips on how to manage last-minute tax clients, you'll be able to work through your list of clients before the deadline arrives. Fortunately, you can use platforms, such as client management software for accountants, to help you stay on track and accomplish all your client's tax requirements before the deadline. Take control, review things carefully, make some time, manage your clients with management software, and show tax season who's boss.
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