4 Tips to Run an Effective and Successful Virtual Meeting

With more and more businesses either going partially or fully remote, virtual meetings are becoming more commonplace. Unfortunately, many people assume that virtual meetings are the same as physical meetings. While they accomplish essentially the same goals, there are some differences between a virtual meeting versus a physical meeting. For example, the technology used in a virtual meeting is essential and is one of the critical factors that will affect just how effective the meeting will be.

That being said, if you are hosting virtual meetings and want to improve them, here are some tips you should follow.

1. Be prepared

Whether it is a physical or a virtual meeting, you must always be prepared. To do this, you must first think about your meeting and everything that will happen in it. This includes the timeline of the meeting, the topics that will be discussed, the number of participants, and so on. The more you have laid down and planned for, the smoother the entire meeting will be. Not only will it help you run an effective virtual meeting, but it reduces any wasted time so that your meeting will not end up lasting an hour or more when a 15- or 30-minute meeting can achieve the same thing.

2. Assign tasks

You can do everything by yourself, but having help makes the entire task much more manageable. For instance, you can assign an individual in your team to become the facilitator. Their job will be to guide the conversation and keep everyone accountable.

Another task you can assign to someone else is the job of a moderator in charge of the questions, taking notes, etc. You can consider many other tasks, such as an IT specialist who will take care of your IT problems and so on. The more assistance you have in the meeting, the smoother the entire activity will be.

3. Select the right tech

You are running a virtual meeting, so you will be heavily reliant on technology to make it happen. To ensure you offer a professional and quality meeting experience for the participants, make sure you have an excellent video conferencing solution. For instance, great video conferencing software you can use include Zoom, Skype, and so on. With the right pieces of technology in play, your meeting will become effective and appreciated.

4. Include breaks

If you know that the meeting will last a long time, be sure to implement breaks. This is because a virtual meeting is still taxing, more so on the mental side of things. With an overload of information, the participants will need some break to get up, move around, and prepare for the next part of the meeting. While this might make the meeting a little lengthier than usual, this will allow them to regain attention and focus, leading to a more effective virtual meeting.


Meetings are not fun for many people. Unfortunately, this is due to horribly planned meetings that go on for hours on end, accomplishing little. Fortunately, this is easily solved with the tips we have shared above! If you are responsible for an upcoming virtual meeting, remember our tips and apply them. That way, your meetings can be quick and concise, allowing you to effectively share information with your participants without wasting time or effort.

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