3 Reasons CPAs Should Seek Workflow Management Software

February 19, 2021

While many businesses rely on accounting firms to satisfy their accounting and bookkeeping needs, numerous trends and innovations continually affect the work of such service providers. For example, automation has allowed many accounting tasks to be done without human intervention through software—meaning that even companies with little to no accounting experience can conduct their accounting to a certain extent.
Changes such as these have put a lot of pressure on accounting firms and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to ensure their company maintains relevancy and continues being successful. As such, they need a solution that will allow them to connect more with their clients and spend less time with administrative tasks that bog their ability to succeed.

If you are one such CPA firm looking to improve your practice, then you should consider utilizing workflow management software to streamline your firm. Here is why:

1. It makes your process more efficient

There are various ways your accounting firm can lose money unnecessarily. It can stem from inaccuracies in computations or mishandling of taxes—both of which will surely lead to losing clients and potential lawsuits.

With workflow management software, these are all but problems of the past. Inaccuracies are minimized to a bare minimum, and you’ll always be on top of your tasks. This, in turn, makes your workflow more efficient—allowing you to make the best use of your time and money to keep your business running smoothly.

Aside from that, management software comes with features like invoicing to help you quickly track invoices and get the payments you need without wasting time. In other words, such software facilitates many activities you need to be done, such as time tracking, client relationship management, and other activities to allow you to perform your activities quicker and more efficiently.

2. It enhances your security

Security is always an issue that accounting firms need to consider. After all, as an accounting firm, the data you handle is sensitive—and there will always be cybercriminals looking to get their hands on such data for nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, maintaining security by yourself is a tough challenge to overcome, especially when you are bogged down by various other tasks.

Workflow management software is an excellent solution to this problem because such software has been programmed and built with security in mind. More often than not, such software already utilizes robust security features, stopping cybercriminals in their tracks and ensuring you are at little to no risk of other security compromises. You can rest easy focusing on your client while the service provider has your back securing your data!

3. It helps address data issues

Staying compliant is a full-time job for any accounting firm, and any mistakes can lead to fees and penalties that can prove costly. This can happen in many ways—such as accidentally leaving out financial records, miscalculating data, or even losing pertinent documents.

With workflow management software, you can eliminate this problem in various ways. For example, being able to quickly and easily manage taxes makes staying compliant a lot easier. With editing features, any changes needed to be made can also be quickly carried out—and the software will do the rest and adapt your records! Plus, it can keep track of all your documents digitally, meaning there is no risk of losing them due to negligence or other reasons.

Overall, workflow management software can gather information from various points, consolidating them into a single accessible source that ensures no data is left behind.


These are just some of the many benefits to be had when using workflow management software. Overall, the software ensures that you take control of your financial data, managing it with ease and keeping it under your reigns. This goes a long way in enhancing the quality of your services, satisfying each and every one of your client's needs.

That being said, be sure always to research which workflow management software you will use. Learn what each software has to offer and understand how it can benefit you. This way, you get to work with the perfect management software that will support your activities, making your life as an accounting firm much easier and keep your firm on the road to success!

My Firm 360 provides workflow management software that is geared for accounting firms to help make the process quicker and more efficient. If you are looking for accounting practice management software in the US, learn more about how our software can help you today!

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