5 Key Features of Accounting Management Apps Your Firm Needs

April 6, 2021

The workflow and business process management(BPM) apps market has seen significant growth in recent years as more and morebusinesses rely on using them to streamline their work. Now, there are numerouspractice management software options for accounting firms out there that youcan use to boost your work efficiency and be more productive.


The question is, what are the key featuresyour practice management software should have to help you do your job better?Let’s look at some recommended features.


1.     Cloud-Based Technology


The most important feature you should look forin BPM software it’s the ability to perform cloud computing. This eliminatesthe need to transfer files and data from one computer to another manuallythrough a data drive. You’re not tied down to one computer that has access toall the data. With cloud computing, your entire team can access their work onany computer or even at home.


2.     Workflow Automation


Before implementing new software, you need todevelop a process suitable for your agency and the type of work you do. Onlythen can you find a practice management software that goes well with yourestablished process and also allows you to create templates that you can usefor similar projects. You’ll probably be handling multiple clients at once,which means you need at least the same level of automation you use one clientto all the others.


3.     Regular Monitoring andOptimization


The only way to ensure that your workflow ishighly efficient is to take advantage of optimization. No matter how smart anddata-driven your workflow is, it will be inefficient if you can’t modify it tofit both your needs and your clients’ needs. Optimization is there to make sureyou can tweak your workflow and make it suitable for whatever goals youcurrently have as well as the type of services you want to provide your clientswith.


4.     App Integration


There’s not a single tool in existence capableof doing everything your firm needs all in one app. Integrating differentprograms into your accounting workflow software as your needs evolve willalways be necessary. That’s why you need an app that’s flexible enough to allowthe integration of other applications that strengthen and support yourprocesses. Integration can help fill gaps and reduce redundancies like manuallyentering data twice.


5.     Advanced ReportingCapabilities


Prioritizing a data-driven approach in servingclients and making important business decisions is what every competitiveaccounting firm believes in. That’s why you need management software with advancedreporting capabilities, giving you access to all the data you need when youneed it. An intuitive business intelligence dashboard could give you theinsight you need to advise your client’s about the state of their business.




The right accounting practice management couldmean the difference between a successful firm and one that is doomed tofailure. For that very reason, you need to find tools that have the featuresyou need to make your firm run efficiently and effectively.


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