Avoid and Address Client Filing Delays

May 6, 2021

Accounting firms make a living from bookkeeping and file taxes, which can be strenuous and time-consuming for clients. And while this convenience is exactly what clients pay for, they still have some responsibilities in financial management. To ensure your client does not get any penalties during filing, here are some things you need to know and practice.

Set the Expectations From the Start

Yes, your service is meant to alleviate much of the burden, but your accounting firm is not psychic. You can’t file what you don’t know, and you can’t be held accountable for lost files. The only way to have an excellent client-employee relationship right from the start is by setting expectations for both sides.

Not only is it important for service providers to know the client’s expectations and vice versa, but you also need to establish a system of open communication.

Give them an Easier Time for Their End of The Bargain

As a firm, you want to give your clients a much easier time to provide you with the information you need. You also want them to access things easily when necessary.

Having a cloud system in place allows them to see reports instantly and send files that they need for bookkeeping. And when tax filing season comes around, you have a convenient place to find everything necessary.

Emphasize the Consequences of Delayed Filing

When businesses or self-employed individuals file their taxes late, they can be subjected to fees from the court that do not come cheap. If the blame is on their end, they must comply with those consequences.

Give your clients some reminders when the deadline is approaching. That way, the ball can stay in their court. A simple email weeks before or a phone call to check in on them will do as tasteful reminders.

When Delays Happen, Extend a Helping Hand

Sometimes your client may break their consistency and face some unexpected challenges that result in delays. When this happens, you can always offer to file an extension for them. Not all clients are perfect, and every client has their own hardships. The most you can do is help in ways that aren’t necessarily in the package they’re paying for. Good customer service will help you in the long run.


Your relationship with a client should always be transparent and honest. While you are there to provide the service, they are also obliged to comply with the requirements. This means going above and beyond your role at times—giving your clients a nudge towards their responsibilities. At the end of the day, both sides must fulfill their responsibilities for a fruitful relationship.

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