Why CPA Firms Struggle With Workflow & How to Improve Yours

October 18, 2021

Do you have a CPA firm that struggles with the workflow? You’re not alone. You can say that it’s natural to face this challenge at times, but if you find your workflow struggles jarring, you really need to do something about it. 

First of All, Why Is Your Workflow All Over the Place?

Too Focused on the Big Picture

The first thing to do is determine the main reason your workflow is all over the place. What we noticed when this happens is because there’s too much focus on working for the business. In turn, it’ll take you away from seeing the big picture, which is detrimental to your overall operations. There always needs to be a “view” of the bigger picture at all times, because when you’re too close to the details, you end up putting so much time and energy on the mundane that it produces little results. 

No Set Standardized Services

Another reason this happens is you don’t have standardized services set to improve customer experience. In turn, the workflow gets messy because the standards aren’t set. 

General System Failure

Finally, most workflow issues stem from general system failure. What this means is your firm doesn’t have a good workflow system, or there are improvements that need to be made that you haven’t addressed in a while. As a result, things have built up that have adverse effects on your overall business operations. 

Technology now plays a crucial role in improving workflow processes in all industries. Some CPAs struggle with this as some are first-timers, while others simply don’t know the right choices that will suit their business needs. 

Now, the second thing to do is to improve your workflow performance. You start with the following steps: 

Trust the Cloud

If you want a better workflow in the office, you need to commit to it. A good example would be to commit to technology, like the cloud, which can significantly improve your workflow. The right technologies in place can support a unified workflow system that will make things a lot easier and less time-consuming.


Research is key to get to the root of the problem. Figure out your needs and limitations in the workflow aspect and do a self-assessment. Doing so will help you pinpoint specific problem areas you can address easily as you improve your workflow processes. 

Follow the “Less Is More” Mantra

You are aware of the saying, “Less is more,” right? This is applicable to your CPA firm as well. You can do less through a seamless cloud-based technology that can work on the invoices in only a short period. If you are still doing this manually, then no wonder the workflow process is continuously nerve-wracking. 

When you use cloud-based technology to its maximum potential, you save a lot of time and money in the long run, further enhancing your workflow process. 


It’s understandable why some accountants are doubtful about the power of automation because some think the client will receive services from a machine rather than an actual person. The truth is, automation can free up hours that will let you connect and engage more with your clients. In turn, you will be able to provide a more meaningful customer experience. 


Don’t let workflow struggles drag you down. It all comes down to the right tech choices! An effective one you can use is an accountants’ practice management software. 

My Firm 360 is a workflow management software that can help address pain points and holes in your workflow. Save time, money, and effort with reliable software that can be your partner in catering to your clients’ needs. 

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