Invoicing & Payments

Save time with our invoicing and payments solution

Getting paid is necessary if you want to stay in business. However, the process of invoicing can be time-consuming and expensive. Creating and mailing out invoices, following up on unpaid bills, and depositing checks can all require a lot of follow-up work. Simplifying your invoicing and payment system can free you up to focus on what’s important — growing your practice.

Firm 360 takes the hassle out of invoicing and payments. Our secure payment system will help you instantly improve your cash flow. Our invoicing and payment system instantly eliminates costly and time-consuming paper bills, checks, and contracts.

Here are some of the features of our invoice and payments feature.


Firm 360 offers streamlined, easy invoicing. Online invoicing can help you get paid 2x or faster. It also helps you eliminate late payments. With Firm 360, you can create custom, beautiful invoices.


Use Firm 360 to start accepting payments online. Get paid faster and improve access to your cash flow.

Let us handle invoicing and payments while you focus on growing your practice. Contact us to get started today.

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