Learn from past performance. Get the visibility that you need to drive improvements.

Firm 360 puts the power of data right into your hands. Our reporting feature offers exceptional visibility into all aspects of your business. So, you can optimize your processes based on data. Maximize profitability based on past performance.

Our reports can help you proactively manage your workload. Track your team’s progress. Set team goals based on data. Here are some of the other benefits of our reports.


Here’s an overview of a few of the reports that you can run with Firm 360.

Staff Time Utilization

Track and gain insight into your team’s performance. Our easy-to-read reports make it simple to track staff members’ time. Get an overview of your team’s performance. You’ll gain insights that you need to help your team perform at their best.

Accounts Receivable

Get full visibility into your accounts receivables. Determine what payments are overdue. Download detailed reports of your customers’ accounts. Get paid faster.

Client Time Reports

Understand how much time your team spends on each client. Figure out which ones are utilizing the most time. Make sure your team is effectively managing clients.

Client Production Analysis Track client jobs. Know which clients have outstanding work. Measure client satisfaction.

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