Communication is Key - Don't Hesitate to Communicate

May 28, 2020

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

John Powell

Miscommunication is a primary problem amongst companies, even the top companies struggle with it. We have been in this new climate of work-from-home now for three months and it's still ongoing in some businesses.
Adapting communication outlets has become the main outlier for companies to stay successful and in touch with their employees, as well as customers, throughout this pandemic. Today's blog offers advice on how to discuss small communication issues and avoid bigger problem.

Help Cut Distractions Amongst Employees

In earlier posts, we’ve talked about how easy for you to get distracted. Your employees aren’t any different! Of course, you can’t control how distracted your team may be, but you can do your best to get them back on track when they stray.
They could be having trouble concentrating for any number of reasons. Personal problems could be hindering them, there may have been a gap in your communication with them, or they may be confused about what their role entails now that they’re operating their duties from home.
Whatever the reason, these tips may help.

Set and Track Deadlines

Company calendars can help make it clear on what's due and when, as well as who is assigned to the tasks at hand. There are a plethora of apps and programs in existence, like ClickUp or, where the account owner can assign work to themselves, everyone, many people or one person - creating a flow for projects and work assignments.
These programs allow the option to set the task priority as high, normal, or low. This way, employees can see what they have going on as well as everyone else.
Firm360 has a great time tracking tool to help with this. With this program, it's easy to clock in and out and employees receive reminders for when tasks are due.

Emphasize Responsibility and Accountability

Although business continues, even with COVID-19, it can be hard to keep the same energy and mentality as before, especially when it comes to work. As a leader, you can help: send out a memo, email or to-do list on Monday listing the goals and expectations of the week. Make it obvious what the process and outcomes of the week are.
Then, make it clear when each aspect of a task should be completed. Be sure you and your team track what is being accomplished by utilizing follow-ups and check-ins. An example of an in-progress task could read “Reading Over the Transcript for Project J” and the follow-up task could be “Submit Questions About Project J by 11:59,” clarifying what is being accomplished.
This will help keep work on track! It’s better to over explain and over communicate than leave loose ends. By making expectations as concise as possible, not understanding the task will be a thing of the past. Employees will be accountable for their tasks and you will be aware of their progress.

Check In Regularly

Poor communication happens and can be the downfall of an organization from the inside out. When working together in the office, it's quick and easy to ask questions and communicate information.
Now, it’s more difficult. Emphasize a clear new line of communication between you and your employees. This could be with a group chat or through apps like Marco Polo. This way, you and your team stay connected and can reach out to each other when needed.
Additionally, set times to meet and check-in. Bi-weekly meetings with individuals as well as weekly team meetings are a good idea. Zoom is a great tool for this! You can also onsider having employees fill out a survey at the end of the week letting you know any comments, questions, and concerns they have to ensure you are all on the same page.
These small tips and tricks can greatly help your business overcome any communication shortfalls. Remember, don't panic when expectations fall short and collaboration is lacking. Take a breath, think about what you can do to fix the problem, then tackle the challenge like the leader that you are.
Businesses are all overcoming communication gaps and you will get back on track in no time at all!

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