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How long has Firm360 been in business?

Firm360 was started in 2019 in response to the growing pains that our founder Brandon was experiencing as he grew his firm. You can read the full story under the "Case Stories" section. With multiple tax seasons under our belt, we have seen first hand how we can transform firms like yours. We are rapidly growing and adding new firms every month.

Where is Firm360 hosted?

Firm360 software is hosted on Amazon AWS infrastructure, in data centers in the eastern US.

How secure is my data stored in Firm360?

Your data and uploaded documents are backed up and stored securely in multiple redundant locations in multiple data centers, across different regions of the US. For more information, see

How do we know if Firm360 will work for us?

We are confident that you will love Firm360, and we offer risk free a 60 day money back guarantee. If you aren't happy, you don't pay a dime.

Does Firm360 provide support?

We provide unlimited, white glove support.  Customers can contact us via email or phone to get their questions answered as quickly as possible. We are passionate about helping accountants and love talking to our customers and helping out in anyway we can.

I am so busy right now - what is the level of effort to switch to Firm360?

We know you are busy!  In fact, that is why Firm360 exists - to help accountants regain control of their time. We believe that the best time to switch is now. Every month that you wait to improve your processes, your firm is wasting precious time with inefficient processes. Our onboarding team works with you every step of the way to get your data migrated and get your team trained on the new platform. You can import your clients and start working right away! A typical firm is up and running and using the system in the first 3 days, and their team is completely transitioned within 30 days.

How do I get my client list into Firm360?

If you are currently using QuickBooks Online, then you can quickly and easily connect Firm360 and import your customers. Otherwise, we walk you through creating a CSV of your data and then we import that for you.

Can I add new users if my firm grows in the future?

New users can be added at any time. Their license fees will be prorated for the current billing period.

Is there a limit to the number of clients my firm can have, and if so, will I be charged extra if we exceed that limit?

There is no limit to the number of clients your firm can have, and we do not charge based on the number of clients.  

Do you charge additional fees for your client portal?

The client portal and all other features listed are included in your subscription fee.

Can I adjust the access levels for my employees?

Firm360 has several user roles so that you can control what areas of the system your staff has access to.

Can I control which documents I want my clients to have access to?

You are in full control of which documents are available to your clients in the client portal.

Can I track non-billable time?

You can track both client billable and non-billable time in Firm360. Then you can use our advanced reporting tools to analyze where you are spending your time and where you can optimize your processes.

Can I setup recurring projects that start automatically?

We have the flexibility to support all the various kinds of recurring projects that accounting firms need to support their clients.

Can I edit documents right from Firm360?

You can edit PDF and Microsoft Office documents right in Firm360.  Simply click "Edit", make your changes, and click "Save" - the latest version will be stored in Firm360. In addition you will be able to see a version history in case you need to look back at older versions.

Can I set up monthly fixed fee clients?

We call these "Client Engagements" - Firm360 has a very flexible model to support all common billing scenarios around monthly fixed fee billing. In addition you still track your time against these client engagements, and then you can go back and analyze how profitable they are for your firm.

Can I send out invoices and collect payments through Firm360?

Firm360 invoices can be sent to clients via email, and can also be viewed in the client portal. Clients can pay their invoices online using a credit card. Your team can also setup client payment method in the system and charge the clients right away when you generate invoices. You can collect payment via Credit Card or ACH.

Can multiple team members work on a project together?

Projects are assigned to a single owner who is responsible for seeing the project to completion. You can add other team members as "Followers" so that they are notified of progress on a project. You can also add subtasks to a project and assign them to other team members.

Can I see all of the projects and tasks my team is working on?

Firm360 has several views that allow you maximum visibility into all projects and tasks that your team is working on.

Does Firm360 integrate with any accounting software?

We currently integrate with QuickBooks Online. We are always looking for other useful integrations. Get in touch and let us know what integrations would be useful for your firm!

Does Firm360 integrate with my email?

You can connect your Firm360 account to either Office365 or Gmail, and any applicable client emails will be pulled into the system as activities so your team has the information they need when working with your clients.

What other integrations does Firm360 have?

Currently we have the following integrations: 

We are always looking for useful integrations, so let us know if there is something you would like added!