How To Reinforce Your Accounting Firm's Foundation With Smart Business Practices

May 31, 2020

Savvy accounting firm owners work to consistently maximize growth, profitability, and value, regardless of the state of the economy. The right strategies help you weather downturns, leverage opportunities, as well as achieve growth and hit targets. While the industry’s current state helps your business grow, these cycles will likely get disrupted.
In a highly digital world, technology serves as the best safety blanket for downturns. Through the use of such tools coupled with the right business practices, you’ll be able to continue boosting profitability and growth profitability no matter the challenge. To get you started, here are some tips to consider.

1 - Develop a strategic plan

Accounting firms that successfully weather ups and downs share similar qualities that keep prospects afloat—compelling services, solid brand awareness, and the flexibility to adapt. They have a healthy strategic plan that keeps equity positions intact and balance sheets strong.Planning allows them to identify new opportunities, quickly investing resources as necessary.
Developing a strategic plan is difficult, however, as it entails data. Data integration is no easy task, and with so many Excel sheets, files, and documents to go through, how do you come up with a solid data chart? The answer is simple: the use of technology.
Specific tools are readily available on the market, tools that include handy features that allow you to gain access to all aspects of your business. Through document management systems, you’ll also be able to maximize profitability and productivity based on previous performances.

2 - Grow your customer base

“It’s more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain them” has always been the business mantra, and when it comes to acquiring high-value customer growth, quantity isn’t always the star of the show.
Keeping in touch with your customers commands loyalty, which can be done by solving customer challenges. A proactive brand equates to a good reputation and credibility, so reach beyond just growing the internal process of your business. If possible, combine your efforts with a trusty client management system, one that will help you see client activity and potential customers.

3 - Make better decisions through technology transformation

Slowly automating parts of your accounting firm’s processes will already prove to be fruitful, but your organization infrastructure serves as the support beams of your entire business. The people and processes work seamlessly to drive results and profit, but change is always necessary.
Digital transformation is something that will eventually affect your firm, so it’s best to hop on the train now and make significant changes, rather than be swept away by new processes and practices. The costs are often a concern, but the investment does not have to be prohibitive.
Reasonably priced tools are offered on the market, such as workflow routing software. As your firm transitions to being more technologically-advanced, an automated workflow management system will help you steer the tides better and help your employees stay on top of workloads.


No matter what the state of the landscape may be, smart accounting firms consistently break barriers. They maximize resources to drive growth and profitability. The key is strategic planning, automation, and keeping your customers happy. You’ll be well on your way to your continuing growth trajectory, driving sales, and future-proofing your business!
Firm 360 offers you the latest tools for growing your accounting firm. Efficiency is key in the accounting industry, which is why it’s important to invest in digital tools that will streamline processes for you.

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