Case Studies

We have hundreds of people who use Firm360 every day to run their firms.
Here are some recent case studies from our users.

Brandon Gray - Banks, Gray & Crumpler, PLLC

Brandon is the founder of Firm360.  His firm had grown over the years and was quickly outgrowing their small team processes.  They were not able to easily work remotely because of their hosted software solutions, and they used email and phone calls to handoff projects between team members.  The stress of trying to keep track of all these projects was killing them. 

The Thompson Reuters suite of applications were not very well integrated and they spent a LOT of time copying data between systems to deliver a great experience for our clients.  They had tried some different project management solutions, but since they were not part of the Practice management software, the hassle of looking in multiple places outweighed any benefits.

Once Banks, Gray & Crumpler had moved to Firm360, they were able to grow average revenue generated  per employee by over 25%, add 20% more employees, and gained much better visibility into their team’s project workload.  In addition, they were well positioned to allow remote work when that was needed in 2020.

“Productivity is way up.  We use the Realization Report to track the effectiveness of our staff and how they impact our revenue.  I estimate a 50% productivity improvement for my staff over the previous year using PracticeCS.  One of my staff recently told me ‘I estimate that delivering an Individual Tax Return to a client takes 100 clicks less that it did with our previous process.’ ” - Brandon Gray, Banks, Gray & Crumpler, PLLC
Name: Brandon Gray
Date Started: August 2019
Before: Needed better project tracking, team collaboration, ability to work remotely
After: Team productivity has increased 25%, Average Accounts Receivable outstanding balance reduced 50%
Timeline: 3 Months

Amanda Spivey - Spivey & Morton, CPA, PA

Amanda approached us in the second half of 2020 because her firm was looking for a platform to streamline their firm’s processes and enable remote working.  Before Firm360, their team had to haul boxes of work documents between home and the office if they wanted to work remotely.  They had the opportunity to add more clients, but couldn’t service them without hiring more staff to keep up.  In the first 3 months, they were seeing improvements in their teams productivity, had much better visibility into what everyone was working on, staff could easily work remotely as needed because all of their documents were stored digitally.  They were also able to improve digital communications with clients using the secure client portal.

“I would recommend Firm360 to any accountant desiring to move their firm more digital – whether that be to allow remote working, save time pushing paper, or just better organize the workflow of the firm...Any user of T/R’s Practice CS invoicing and File Cabinet document management will fall in love with Firm360. It’s easier to use, has more capabilities, and does it in a fraction of the time.” - Amanda Spivey, More & Spivey, CPA, PA
Name: Amanda Spivey
Date Started: September 2020
Before: Could not grow business without hiring, it was difficult to work remotely and collaborate with the team.
After: Team can work remotely, productivity way up, clients love secure portal
Timeline: 3 Months

Marian Milikan - Milikan CPAs & Advisors

Marian’s team was looking for a platform that could streamline their project management needs, increase their efficiency, and give them visibility into what their team was working on. They also needed a way to securely communicate with their clients and send/receive documents.  They were able to roll out Firm360 and use it to improve their processes and also predict their needs.  They use the system to plan out work for their team, and predict when they need to hire more staff.  They have grown their team by over 50% based on data for when they would need more employees, and have been able to make sure that they are still delivering awesome service to clienst as they grow.

“There’s so many ways our business has changed with Firm360. We are more efficient with our work, we can streamline processes, project out schedules and foresee heavier workloads. Our weekly staff meetings are easy to manage, and it allows each team member to also be responsible for their own duties while also allowing them to speak up when they feel a heavier workload on the horizon. Open communication is easily achieved with this platform.” - Marian Milikan, Milikan CPAs & Advisors
Name: Marian Milikan
Date Started: August 2020
Before: Needed a way to complete projects efficiently, and communicate of project status to the team and clients.
After: Grew team size by 50%, while also increasing productivity and output of each team member.
Timeline: 6 Months

Leigh Ashman, Mark K. Ashman, CPA, P.C.

Leigh’s team was looking for a solution to modernize their firm’s processes.  They had grown 30% per year for the past 5 years, and their processes were no longer able to keep up with the amount of staff and projects that they had going on.  They still had some of their documents in paper copies, and they were going around the office to handoff projects to team members.  Once they were on Firm360 they were able to get all their documents in a digital format, and save a ton of time because everything can be done in a single system.  They have gained visibility into the status of in progress projects and everyone on the team can help out on a project because everything they need to know is in the system.  They have also implemented the secure client portal, allowing them to deliver documents and collect payments digitally.

“We have created a firm consciousness. No one has to be the keeper of all the information because we’re dumping everything that happens into Firm360. We’re no longer running around the office looking for files and we know where in the process returns are as clients begin to call. Our processes are smoother and there’s less confusion. We’re saving time all over the place.” - Leigh Ashman, Mark K. Ashman, CPA, P.C.
Name: Leigh Ashman
Date Started: December 2020
Before: Their firm had grown a lot recently and they were drowning in files, client work, loose paper, and processes designed for a much smaller firm.
After: Streamlined processes, a lot of saved time, all documents digital
Timeline: 2 Months