3 Reasons Your Firm Should Invest in a Document Management System

September 24, 2020

When running an accounting firm, various factors are necessary to ensure smooth processes and ultimately, success. Organization skills are non-negotiable, along with time management, tracking, and client satisfaction. These ensure that an accounting firm stays healthy and surviving, despite the rise of other competitors.
While your accounting firm may have all these skills already, there are other ways to increase productivity and streamline your practices. The help of a document management software, for instance, allows you to properly manage your clients, helping your staff to produce, track progress, and collaborate during current and previous projects.
With a good software platform by your side, you’ll also be able to manage daily operations more smoothly, as you can also store data, analyze sales, manage documents, and of course, track your overall progress and productivity.
If you remain uncertain about investing in a document management system, however, My Firm 360 is here to change your mind. Here is a rundown of our very own software’s benefits, all of which are designed to help your firm succeed:

1 - More efficient practices and processes

With a good document management software at your fingertips, you’ll be able to completely eliminate small office tasks. Manual billing and other paperwork, for instance, are tasks that take up much of your employee’s time. The office hours should be dedicated to more pressing matters, and with the right software, you’ll be able to simplify these repetitive tasks and focus more on the essentials.
My Firm 360’s systems offers you a cloud-based software, which allows you to store and access documents anytime and anywhere. Your employees can edit and store the necessary documents, providing a fast and secure way to collaborate no matter the context.

2 - Boosts in productivity

By ensuring that documents are stored securely in a centralized location, your team will be encouraged to do their tasks better and essentially become more productive. Dissemination of information can easily be done, allowing your staff to gain access to crucial information in real-time.
My Firm 360’s system ensures a seamless collaboration between clients and staff, ensuring that all documents can easily be shared across the organization. You need not go through filing cabinets to find what you’re looking for—with processes simplified, you also encourage your team members to beat deadlines, and ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.

3 - Better profitability

Maximizing your work efficiency through the use of a document management system ultimately means increasing your productivity and cash flow. With reduced time spent on repetitive tasks, you’ll be able to focus more on the more vital aspects of your job, such as getting new clients and ensuring your company’s growth. Spending more time on these high-value tasks can therefore give a much-needed boost to your profitability.
My Firm 360 is also proud of a seemingly tiny detail about the system—its sustainability aspect. Given that your practice will be turned into digital processes, storing documents in the cloud allows you an environmentally-friendly way to practice what you love. You’ll also save on paper and supplies, finding no more need for them as you convert to digital!

Futureproof Your Accounting Firm

With a document management system by your side, you’ll be able to properly organize your workflow. By doing so, you ensure that your accounting firm’s practices run efficiently. Your employees will also be motivated to work better, serve clients better, and above all, keep your firm growing. It’s an investment definitely worth taking—the only thing left to do now is contact us!
For the best document management system in the USA, My Firm 360 is the place to go. Made by accountants for accountants, our products have been made with the pain points of countless accountants across the globe. Allow us to help your accounting firm thrive well into the future—reach out today.

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