Why You Should Stop Using Email for Document Management

May 14, 2021

Many knowledge workers still prefer using email for document sharing and collaboration. A study by Harris Interactive shows that 92 percent of workers they surveyed prefer email. However, the growing number of cyber threats shows that many companies are vulnerable to attacks, and email is one way malicious actors get to organizations. Fortunately, there are services offering secure cloud-based file sharing. Here are things you should know about cyber-attacks through email and how accounting practice software mitigates cyber threats.

There Are Many Types of Cyber Attacks That Use Email

One of the most common malicious activities online is identity theft. It happens when a malicious actor steals personal information like names, addresses, and social security numbers and uses them for malicious activities. They can access people’s sensitive information through phishing, a technique that uses deceptive emails that can entice recipients to provide information or click on malicious links.

An attacker can also use ransomware, a malicious program that encrypts computer networks and blocks access to them. If you don’t take timely action on the data held hostage, you can lose it permanently. Attackers might also execute business email compromise (BEC) attacks. It involves infiltrating a senior executive’s email account to send emails posing as the executive.

Why Attackers Choose to Target Email

Emails are a popular choice for hackers because of the human element involved. Human error is still prevalent—people still fall prey to deceptive emails and share personal information when they shouldn’t. Some employees also use business emails to sign up for services on websites that don’t have strong security measures.

Even if your staff is careful, you could still experience email attacks. Hackers are using complex attacking techniques like password spraying. In some cases, they don’t even need to use the latest technology—many employees use generic passwords, making it easy for attackers to find a way into accounts.

The Benefits of Secure File Sharing

One of the best ways to prevent your business from getting victimized by email-based attacks is by adopting secure file-sharing or using document management software. When you have a cloud-based system, you don’t need to send documents through email. Here are some of the benefits of using this system for your company.

You Will Have a Paperless Office

Going paperless makes your company less prone to human error. When you digitize documents, you make collaboration and sharing with co-workers more efficient. Going paperless also makes it easier for employees to find old files and information—they don’t need to physically go through boxes and folders to find the data they need.

You Have More Safeguards for Your Data

Cloud-based sharing has various security features. User permissions, knowledge- or role-based authentication, activity tracking, and two-factor authentication are only some of the features you can get from secure file-sharing services. What’s more, providers comply with industry-standard protocols like those set by financial or medical regulatory bodies.

No Need to Worry about Loss of Information

When you digitize a document, you are sure that each piece of information is stored securely. You don’t have to worry about losing digital files. In contrast, the more papers you have to file, the higher the chances of losing physical documents. It is very easy to lose crucial files during busy weeks like tax season. When you digitize your documents and create a structure for their storage, you can quickly meet your compliance and audit requirements.


Using a cloud-based secure file sharing system is the best way to protect confidential data while making it accessible. Systems like these lessen the impact of human error on organizations. With cloud-based file sharing, you have security features like user permissions and two-factor authentication that will keep malicious actors out and ensure your data’s integrity.

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