3 Compelling Ways to Motivate Your Team to Use Time Entry Software

July 22, 2021

As a manager or business owner, you should know how valuable using particular software is to streamline your processes and ensure productivity and efficiency in all aspects of your company. A time tracking tool is one such example of an accounting management software you can use to make sure everyone is maximizing their time when working. However, convincing your staff and team on the merits of time tracking software is one of the biggest challenges that concerns employees any company can face. If you find it hard to overcome your employee’s resistance and motivate them to track their time, then this guide should help you. 

Understand Why Employees Resist the Use of Time Trackers

Most of the time, procrastination and distractions are the villains here. Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University, conducted a study on procrastination. His research stated that more or less 20% of men and women in the US are chronic procrastinators. To put things in perspective, untracked work could be costing the US economy up to $7.4 million a day.

It’s almost a guarantee that your team will meet resistance when you implement the use of time tracking software. But it’s an essential tool for any business that wants to make sure everyone is doing their part to contribute to the company’s growth. The following are some proven steps you can take to make your employees more welcoming of using time tracking software.

1. Clarify Why Time Tracking is Critical to the Team

Speaking to your team members and employees is one of the best ways to change their perception of time tracking. To avoid distrust, you need to be open and honest with them at all times, including your motives and the benefits behind time tracking. Being sincere is what will ultimately help them realize why it’s necessary. You must explain how you’ve considered their best interests when you and the management decided to implement this new process.

2. Integrate Time Tracking with Every Workflow

Part of the process of implementing a new time tracking system is educating and reminding every member of the team to keep an eye on their timer. However, every time you feel the need to remind someone, you are effectively interrupting their workflow. Constant interruptions could only lead to employees becoming more resistant to it.

Instead, integrate time tracking into your employee’s accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This removes the need to remind employees to track their time while working. Time monitoring becomes much more visible if it’s embedded into every workflow in your organization.

3. Make it Easy and Convenient to Use

Time tracking sounds tedious and intrusive to someone who doesn’t understand how it works. If you want to change that perception, you need to make it as less intrusive, distracting, and exhausting to use as possible. An intuitive time tracking tool could easily solve this problem. They’ll merely see time tracking as an inherent part of their process instead of a burden they need to face every day.


Time tracking is vital to any business. In fact, almost every company will reach a point where time tracking becomes necessary for their business to grow and become much more profitable. Follow the steps mentioned above and make sure to use the right tools so you won’t have any problems convincing your team to embrace the use of time tracking software.

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