How to Fix Bookkeeping Workflows with New Technologies

August 9, 2021

Bookkeeping and accounting firms rely on a stable and efficient workflow management system, especially if they’re dealing with a couple of clients. This is crucial if they want to be as proactive and reliable advisors as they can to their clients. New developments in accounting workflow software and cloud technology are making the work of accountants a lot easier by eliminating any inefficiencies. But, how can you start to identify these inefficiencies and find the right workflow technology solutions?

Uncovering Inefficiencies Through Workflow Mapping

Identifying anything that makes your process slow and inefficient all starts with reevaluating your current workflow. While new technologies can help a lot, you must first figure out what stages of your workflow tend to become a bottleneck or take too much of your time. This can be done by mapping out your workflows, which effectively highlights inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. Here’s a sample workflow that a lot of firms follow:

  1. Document Collection
  2. Document Sorting
  3. Data Entry
  4. Payment Processing
  5. Reconciliation and Reporting

A workflow like this can be further optimized by evaluating all the steps required to complete each stage. The time it takes to complete each step is also considered and the current tools and technology used, if applicable. After breaking it all down, you can then identify any possible areas for improvement. Only then can you start researching technological solutions like accounting practice software that you can use with your new proposed workflow.

Choosing the Right Technological Solution

After reformulating your workflows, it’s time to look into what solutions would best suit your processes. Thanks to advancements in cloud computing, the accounting industry is undergoing a technological revolution with hundreds of different accounting management software and tools available in the market. It’s now up to you to decide which solutions will drive value for your business. When evaluating what apps and programs to use, it’s best to consider the following:

  • Does the app replace or improve an existing process?
  • Is it compatible with other existing tools that you’re currently using?
  • Does your accounting system endorse the app?
  • Do the app’s developers have excellent technical support and training?
  • What data is being synced between the accounting system and the app?
  • How will the app scale with your business needs?

It’s not recommended to just choose the first app you encounter or whatever is readily available for you to use. This can cause some problems along the way. If possible, you can even opt to work with a custom app development team to create a tool that’s tailored to your needs. Remember, tech vendor selection takes time and a lot of research. Don’t rush into things until you find the most suitable solution for your firm.

The Workflow Adoption Curve

Finally, introducing new technologies will require some training and proper implementation. A learning curve is expected, and it will take some time and effort for every member of your team and organization to familiarize themselves with the new tool. Before you can achieve workflow mastery, you must first test and adopt the workflow solution you chose and then roll it out to your clients.


Workflow management is critical for accounting and bookkeeping firms. If your goal is to grow and thrive as a business, you need to make sure your workflow works for you and your clients. These steps in workflow mapping and adopting new solutions are a continuous process that you must undergo to provide a better service to your clients.

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