5 CRM Software Features Every Accounting Firm Needs

August 20, 2021

Accounting is mainly about crunching numbers, but it’s actually way more than just that. It deals a lot with cost reductions, forecasting trends, and looking at cash flow trends. It requires a lot more analysis than just inputting a bunch of numerals. This is why customer relationship management (CRM) software is crucial for accountants as it allows them to do their jobs a lot faster and less time-consuming. But what features do accountants actually need from a CRM software? Let’s find out, shall we?

1. Third-Party Integration

This is perhaps the most important feature of all. A CRM software that allows integration with other applications is non-negotiable. Apps like QuickBooks Online, MS Office, and other known applications used mainly by businesses and accountants are all crucial to the workflow of accountants. Otherwise, they’ll probably be doing more manual input since they’ll be transferring data from one system to another manually. A CRM software that’s flexible enough to accommodate app integration allows for more consistent and efficient handling of data.

2. Improved Client Management

Of course, using a CRM system would mean you’ll be storing vast amounts of data from your clients in that application’s storage. It’s vital that everyone on your team can easily access and update all that information. If you want to drastically improve your client management processes, it’s crucial to have a CRM software that is cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and intuitive enough for you to easily use.

Managing client information in a CRM helps you improve relationships through more personalized service. This is important if you want your clients to be more satisfied with what you do and are more likely to recommend you to other businesses.

3. Automated Workflows

If your goal is to become more efficient in processing your client’s data, you need to have a CRM with an automated workflow feature. The capability to initiate and run customized automated workflows is a feature that no accounting firm should go without. Being able to turn monotonous manual processes into automatic ones saves you a tremendous amount of time and could even allow you to take on more clients than you normally can.

4. Lead Management

You should also look out for a CRM software with a lead management feature to help you identify the leads and actions you’ve taken along the sales cycle. Through this lead management process, you’ll be able to score your leads, and even have the ability to filter them off to a different member of your team so they can focus on it. You’ll find fewer dead leads just lying around if you have a CRM that gives you a bigger view of all your leads. You can then redistribute those dead leads to different team members so they can turn them into customers.

5. Real-Time Data

What’s the point of getting CRM software if you can’t have access to real-time data? This is actually the main driver for many businesses and firms to embrace the use of CRM software. The ability to access, share, and process real-time data has allowed them to revolutionize their processes and the way they do business. You get an instant snapshot of market demand, which you can then use to update your marketing plan accordingly. That kind of flexibility can only be achieved through CRM software.


CRM solutions allow you a level of flexibility and efficiency that you won’t be able to achieve with just any other tool out there. By subscribing to the right CRM tool with features suitable to your needs and your client’s requirements, you can provide the best level of service an accounting firm could ever give.

Firm360 is just the CRM solution you’re looking for. Our platform is loaded with all the features you need to help you save time on your work and become more efficient with it. With advanced reporting capabilities, our software offers an efficient and streamlined way of managing your documents and all your data. Contact us today to book a demo for our accounting management software.

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