3 Accounting Firm Workflows Designed for Maximum Efficiency

September 13, 2021

Does your accounting firm have a clearly defined workflow that lets you run all your processes like a well-oiled machine? If yes, then you won’t have any problems accepting new clients no matter how demanding they are. However, if you’re missing deadlines and you find some of the work falling through the cracks in your firm, then you may need to take a look at your workflow once more. A well-developed workflow combined with an accounting workflow software is exactly what you need to make your firm run smoothly. Here are some workflows you should consider adopting for your firm.

New Client Onboarding Workflow

Everything starts with client onboarding. It’s the process of welcoming new clients and progressing as efficiently as possible to a rhythmic working relationship. It’s the very first stage where your firm’s workflows will be tested and used, so make sure you impress your clients with a workflow that highlights all your strengths as a firm. If you take too long or inadequately serve your clients, you risk disappointing them and even losing them as a client forever. Client onboarding depends on three major factors that you need to execute effectively:

  1. Length of onboarding
  2. Availability of customer service
  3. Clear communication of onboarding steps

Sales Qualification Process

After client onboarding, another area you need to focus on is the sales qualification process. This is the part of your process where you acquire leads and get new clients to sign up for your accounting and bookkeeping services. Nailing down a robust sales qualification process will ensure that you are bringing in the right clients, which is what will ultimately contribute to your growth in the long run. A good sales qualification process should look something like this:

  1. Develop a clear vision of the ideal accounting client to provide them with relevant information.
  2. Establish a way to identify Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), which is what your sales team should be targeting at all times.
  3. Follow up with MQLs by asking targeted questions that let your team learn more about their leads’ current challenges. Your team should then use that to offer your service as a solution.
  4. Nurture the relationship with MQLs by maintaining contact and a high level of responsiveness.

Communication Workflow

Any company or firm requires a good communication workflow to maintain a collaborative culture of work. A clear and predictable communication workflow within your team is critical and should be maintained at all times.

For many firms, communication just happens. You get a request, and you respond to it in the same way it came in. This can lead to a lot of problems. It can cause work to be duplicated or even set the stage for unmet expectations. Instead, you should employ a more systematic approach to communication that every member of your firm will follow. It also works to identify key external communicators. This process allows you to specialize in roles where you focus on fulfilling client needs while others maintain a healthy flow of communication.


These three workflow models can significantly help you improve your firm’s overall efficiency and productivity. Having a flawless workflow and investing in the latest accounting software will serve as your keys to success.

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