CPA Firms: Achieving Work-Life Balance for Remote Workers

July 5, 2022

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the majority of the workforce into working remotely, many people had to make some drastic adjustments in how they work and live their lives. Those who work in CPA firms are no different. CPA firm employees started looking into how this new normal will affect their work-life balance.

There's no doubt that remote work has many advantages, which is why many people prefer to work at home even if they're finally allowed to return to the workplace. However, it also has its setbacks. Let's look at how accounting firms adapt to this new remote work culture and still maintain a healthy work-life balance for their employees.

A New Work Environment

Work-life balance is a common phrase that every firm, regardless of industry, talks about. However, as remote working becomes more of a norm, the concept of work-life balance becomes less of an individual goal and more of a team effort.

In many cases, a well-rounded work-life balance is a phrase that's thrown around casually. And if a CPA firm is utilizing remote workers, the term becomes more than just a buzzword. It becomes a necessity for everyone to achieve.

Managing Your Time while Working at Home

Remote work requires a shift in the way people collaborate. People need to make more conscious decisions about how to structure their days. This may look different for everyone, but there are some universal rules to follow if you want to maintain that balanced lifestyle.

For starters, you'll have to be more conscious of your time management. This means planning your daily routine, sticking to it, and having a system of accountability when necessary.

Take the time to plan your day in advance. This will help you stay on track and won't let meetings and other work activities distract you from your project deadlines. Don't schedule meetings without a clear agenda in mind. If you're not doing any actual work during a meeting, consider if you can postpone it.

Planning your day in advance is not just about having a better work-life balance. It also helps you be more productive. This is because you know exactly what you're doing, which gives you less time to procrastinate.

Achieving Work-Life Balance while Working Remotely

Work-life balance can be a challenge, especially if your firm is sending more work to your remote location. The growth of remote workers brings many changes in the culture of an accounting firm. This is especially true in a small team.

For a firm to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it's essential that everyone on the team is on the same page. Everyone should have a clear idea of what's acceptable and what's not. The following are some ways for employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance while working remotely.

1. Setting Time Limits

Consider your day-to-day work duties, which can include team meetings, answering questions, and communicating with clients or project managers. Once you have a clear picture of all the tasks you need to accomplish in a day, set a time limit on each of them.

Set realistic time limits for each of your tasks. This will allow you to have a more effective day and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with too many deadlines.

2. Maintaining Accountability

At the end of each day, create a to-do list so you can see the progress you've made toward your goals. This way, you can easily see if you're exceeding or falling behind.

Also, every week, set a time to hold a team meeting to discuss how everyone is doing. This is an easy way for everyone to ask for help if they're falling behind and for everyone to share how everyone is doing together.

3. Not Allowing Work to Take over Your Life

Although it's perfectly normal to get a little bit burned out with work, it's not healthy when it becomes your entire life. It's important not to let work-related stress take over your life.

Try setting boundaries between work and personal time. It's also important to make time for other activities, so you can stay healthy and focused. Don't turn your personal life into work.


Moving forward, firms will have to learn how to work with their remote teams. They'll have to prepare for the changes in culture, as well as changes in work culture and how work is distributed. The shift toward remote work isn't an easy one. It's important to prepare by educating your team on how to build a healthier work-life balance.

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