Tax Return Client Document Collection

Written by Shane Monroe

It’s crunch time! Tax season is upon us and let’s face it - everyone is looking for ways to shave minutes/hours off the time it takes to complete a return for their clients.  

At Firm360, we have talked to thousands of accountants and this time of year, one thing keeps coming up over and over: How to efficiently get the needed documents from your clients.

“I can’t find that attachment they emailed me 2 weeks ago”

“I have called them 5 times and they still haven’t sent in the needed documents.”

“I am tired of chasing down clients and begging for documents”

“I just file extensions for these clients up front because they never get me their data on time”

“Great, client just sent in their docs, brb while i download and convert 25 jpg’s into a readable PDF document for my team”

“I have so many incoming documents, I cant keep track of which ones have not been processed yet”

Our client portal and document management solution was built to solve these exact problems.


With features like:

  • Passwordless Client Portal login
  • Combine multiple images into a single PDF document
  • Notifications and reporting on recent Client Uploads

Your clients will love the new experience and your team will have more time to focus on what matters.

We can have you up and running with Firm360’s client portal and document manage in days not weeks.  Our premium onboarding and support plan does most of the work for you so your team can see the benefit right away.  

Firm360 is a Cloud-based All-in-One Practice Management solution for accounting firms.  With Firm360  you have everything you need to run your firm efficiently - Manage your Clients, Projects, Documents, Time & Billing, as well as client portal all in one easy to use platform.  When you use a consolidated platform for everything you can also get great visibility into how your firm is performing with our Advanced Analytics and Reporting.