Document Management

As every small business accountant knows, document management; managing paperwork, signatures, and schedules are a large part of the job. Choosing the right tools to help alleviate these tasks will save you time, money, and sanity.

Many firms have paper files, filing cabinets, and manual trafficking of documents. Through Firm360 all paperwork is stored within the platform with multiple levels of security. This enables your team and your clients to receive, access, upload, and manage documents. You can request e-signatures directly through Firm360 to reduce the need for printing, faxing, scanning, or mailing paper forms. This efficiency cuts down the back and forth between you and your clients.

Quickly access the documents you need, right when you need them. Cloud-based document management.

  • Securely send and receive client documents
  • Collect electronic signatures
  • Clients can access documents with-in the client portal

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