Project Management

The project management tool that every small business accountant needs.
Post its, to-do lists, color coded folders, and towering filing cabinets used to be the standard in organization. We relied on an extremely organized individual to manage calendars, projects, and staying on top of deadlines. The days of notebooks, planners, and palm pilots is in the past when you have a tool specifically designed for small business accountants.

“I want to know what my team is working on and we are currently using spreadsheets and sticky notes.”

This becomes an issue when there is team growth and remote work. Through Firm360 you will be able to track projects for your clients including tax returns, monthly bookkeeping, and payroll. You will have visibility from anywhere because Firm360 is a cloud based system that your team can access when they need to work f rom home or remotely. This will keep everyone on the same page, organized, and hitting deadlines with clarity.

Know what your team is working on and track efficiency.

  • Quickly hand-off tasks between team members
  • Know exactly what your team is working on
  • Never miss a client deadline

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