Time and Billing

The accounts receivable report provides visibility and automated payment reminders will save you time in regards to time and billing with Firm360

Whether you charge by the hour, retainer, or project—billing, invoicing, and time tracking play a role in the management of your practice's profitability. The less time you can spend on each document and step in the process, the more time you have to onboard additional clients and add revenue to the bottom line.

At Firm360 we have the ability to track time, generate invoices, send the invoice via email, and receive payment via credit card or direct deposit (ACH). Let's take a moment to think about the ways we have managed payments in the past. First, we would use Excel spreadsheets for time tracking, then we would log into a different platform to create an invoice. Next, we would need to email or snail mail the invoice to our clients. Finally, we would wait on payment. One of the biggest benefits of using Firm360 is that we have all outstanding payments on accounts, and automated emails will follow up with clients with a past-due invoice.

Save time and money with the Firm360 Time, Billing, and Invoicing features.

  • Billing, Invoicing, and payment history
  • Fast and easy time entry for your team
  • Generate invoices quickly and easily
  • Collect payments online
  • Automatic accounts receivable collection emails

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