Clay & Paige - World Class Customer Success

We hear from Paige Daniels, leader of the best dang Client Success team you'll ever work with.

0:00 hey everybody uh this is Clay Lehman
0:02 with firm 360. um I'm joined with Paige
0:05 today she's the head of our client
0:07 success team
0:08 um from the very beginning our main goal
0:11 was to delay our customers
0:13 um and so we try every day to do that
0:15 um and so I guess to start with uh joint
0:19 uh Paige tell us a little bit about your
0:21 background
0:27 experience and technical support in six
0:30 years experience in teaching I have a
0:33 passion for helping customers learn and
0:35 troubleshoot issues
0:37 um I feel it's a privilege to help
0:40 people succeed every day
0:43 awesome awesome uh so when you first
0:46 started we had me and Brandon were doing
0:49 all the trainings we had some kind of a
0:51 syllabus it was pretty good um but we
0:54 knew there was room to improve
0:56 um what were you thinking when you first
0:58 joined and you were like oh man what are
1:00 they doing here how did that go
1:02 you know I just immediately saw we had
1:03 room for improvement with our onboard
1:07 our materials so I went about to create
1:11 an onboarding plan that said that the
1:14 clients will know what to expect during
1:15 the onboarding process and also made our
1:18 knowledge base more robust and added
1:21 videos and tutorials additionally we
1:24 revamped our ticketing system to enable
1:27 quicker responses to our clients
1:30 awesome and yes you can tell it's we've
1:33 come so far in the LA in that time
1:36 um
1:37 let's see uh one thing I've I've kind of
1:40 learned along the way when you're
1:41 growing a business like it's one thing
1:42 to to do something but it's it's a whole
1:45 different skill to actually be able to
1:47 like
1:48 formalize it and do it over and over
1:50 again and grow a team that can all do
1:52 what you were doing so like what do you
1:53 think about that
1:55 you know I think it's super important
1:57 for the leaders of the firm to embrace
2:02 the change and keep an open mind during
2:05 the onboarding process because it will
2:07 cultivate a positive experience for
2:09 their team when they realize the work in
2:12 setting up a new platform is a
2:14 short-term effort that will reap
2:17 long-term rewards it's a positive
2:19 experience
2:21 um emphasizing to their team that by
2:23 staying up to date on the newest
2:25 technology
2:26 is a crucial step forward for these
2:29 firms and remain keep them competitive
2:32 flexible and efficient
2:35 awesome awesome
2:37 um so if if I'm talking to somebody and
2:40 they want to join firm 360 I think uh I
2:43 have here we normally tell them it takes
2:44 two to four weeks before they're fully
2:46 using the system what does that look
2:48 like what can I expect as a new customer
2:52 um you can expect a kickoff call from us
2:55 and a 15-minute kickoff call very
2:58 shortly after you sign on with firm 360
3:00 we tell you what to expect during the
3:03 onboarding process and the onboarding
3:05 process is typically three to four Zoom
3:08 calls that last about an hour and a half
3:09 each we have your team on there and we
3:12 give you a white glove experience where
3:15 we walk you through setting up the
3:18 platform which is not very difficult and
3:20 then we train you on the day-to-day use
3:22 of it
3:23 awesome
3:25 um what where do where do you see your
3:27 team going over the next year so like
3:30 what's your vision
3:31 oh gosh I think our team is just gonna
3:33 grow and
3:36 um I hope it does I know it will
3:39 um and we're just gonna have more and
3:41 more people join the team who will
3:43 onboard customers and reply to tickets
3:47 and enjoy the clients that we have it's
3:51 a pleasure every day to talk to our
3:53 clients it really is
3:55 I was gonna say maybe that's the answer
3:56 what's your what's your favorite thing
3:58 about working at front 360.
4:06 using our platform for sure and helping
4:09 them yeah
4:11 yeah I was I was going to tell a story
4:12 The the other day you got off a call
4:14 with somebody that had been like giving
4:16 us our time and you're like
4:17 this is my new best friend such and such
4:19 my new best friend I tried to I tried to
4:21 hire them but they they don't want to
4:23 work with me but they're my friend now I
4:25 do when I get really good customers I'm
4:27 like oh I want to hire you to come work
4:29 for us and excite other people about
4:32 using for 360. yeah sure that's awesome
4:35 um so there you go if you're on the
4:37 fence about this this is Paige
4:40 um we're here with you every step of the
4:41 way we do everything we can to make as
4:43 easy as we can and her and her team will
4:45 take great care of you
4:46 um that's it for today uh thanks for
4:48 joining