Testimonial - David Bradsher

David tells us about his firm's experience switching to Firm360

0:03  all right David hey thanks for um
0:05  letting me talk to you
0:08  um you started using firm 360 on August
0:12  um 2022. at that time about how big was
0:15  your firm
0:16  yeah we are 31 people and we do work
0:21  with about 150 small business and
0:24  non-profit clients around the country
0:25  doing outsourced accounting
0:27  um newspaper four million dollars in
0:29  Revenue
0:30  okay
0:32  all right
0:33  and what software we're using at the
0:35  time
0:36  we were using a combination of a couple
0:38  of different tools one was account first
0:41  a document management system a homegrown
0:45  kind of CRM database built into Quick
0:48  base and then you know mix of
0:50  spreadsheets and and other tools to
0:52  right to kind of the mailing list and
0:55  all that and
0:57  um yeah so that's that's kind of where
0:58  we started from okay and what problems
1:02  were you trying to solve when you first
1:04  started talking with us your biggest our
1:07  biggest issue number one was replacing
1:09  the document management system that we
1:11  had the company was going out of
1:13  business but we'd always had this vision
1:15  of having you know kind of one place to
1:17  go for the majority of our client
1:19  information
1:21  um almost uh you know like
1:23  sales companies have in CRM systems we
1:25  sell firm 360 as a way to you know kind
1:28  of have one version of the truth that
1:30  documented everything about a client in
1:32  our relationship with them that's
1:34  awesome that's awesome you know with
1:37  that being said how has firm 360 helped
1:40  your business
1:41  well it's it's really been wonderful to
1:44  to have that place where we were able to
1:47  pull in you know data from two or three
1:50  different systems and then you know
1:52  almost from day one be able to operate
1:54  as a CRM we're still working through
1:57  things and I think you know like I I
1:59  always think that with big system
2:01  changes like this change is hard for
2:02  people and you really just have to have
2:05  some Champions and we had a couple that
2:08  were you know really trying to be kind
2:11  of thought leaders around how we
2:12  implement the software and someone
2:14  inside could be the champion for the
2:16  software and that helped us a lot but I
2:18  think that
2:19  um
2:20  you know right now it's just it's just
2:22  wonderful to be able to go to one place
2:23  and
2:24  um you know me not being involved in the
2:26  day-to-day of a client relationship and
2:28  then see what's happened through the
2:30  activity see the emails to see the the
2:32  project status it's really nice that's
2:34  awesome so what would you say to another
2:37  firm who
2:40  um is thinking about switching to firm
2:41  360.
2:43  well it was a wonderful process for us
2:45  both you know the software is is is
2:47  wonderful
2:49  um you guys are very open to feedback
2:52  and to make changes or additions to the
2:54  to the software and then the
2:56  implementation was wonderful we we were
2:59  um you led it for our firm and
3:02  um it was uh you know very very painless
3:05  um very smooth yeah um so I think um I
3:09  think that you know
3:11  and thinking back on it
3:13  um I would say just jump into it you
3:16  know
3:17  um really
3:18  um have someone in your office as a
3:20  champion but
3:22  um you know make everybody understand
3:24  how this is going to help them and and
3:26  do their jobs because it will definitely
3:28  increase the communications around your
3:30  firm really uh speak to the value that
3:33  um you're gonna get from it to help your
3:35  your team understand
3:38  well that's really great to hear David I
3:40  appreciate that and uh thanks for
3:42  letting me talk with you sure and the
3:45  software more it's a it's a great tool
3:47  and a great team I think that's as
3:48  important as anything you guys are a
3:51  great team to work with and we feel like
3:52  you're part of our team oh that's
3:54  awesome because we definitely feel like
3:56  our firm 360 Community is part of our
3:59  team so absolutely well thank you so
4:02  much sure absolutely