Three Things to stop doing manually

After earning their degrees in accounting, most go on to secure good jobs as accountants, perhaps even tax professionals or auditors. They work tirelessly, doing what they do best—handling numbers and growing businesses. Many grow in their respective companies and pick up additional qualifications along the way, becoming senior team members, managers, and even executives. On the pathway to growth, though, many ponder how they can position themselves and their firms to maximize output.

Such changes are well within reach, as it’s taking the world by storm—the digital revolution. The accounting industry has taken a leap in terms of technology, so plenty of what you do daily may already be accomplished through machines. Those tasks may perhaps be what’s preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Without much ado, here are the top three things you need to stop doing and let the software, machines, and AI take over instead:

1. Focusing heavily on data entry

Data entry takes too much time—from creating invoices, following up payments, or creating customer accounts, too much time is wasted glued to your computer screens and typing away.

The horror of Excel sheets is long over—with the help of data management software, you will be able to create transactions seamlessly, which includes payments, information input, and other time-consuming tasks you once had to endure. You will have more time to develop and hone your skills, perhaps even have time to pore over business decisions to propel your firm forward.

2. Spending too much time at the office

In any financial field, paperwork is second nature. You are required to pore over sheet after sheet, drawing actionable information from all the numbers, invoices, transactions, deductions, and so forth. With so much to sift through, you find yourself at the office hours early, perhaps even clocking in on the weekends.

While entirely noble, your job as an accountant doesn’t have to require your days and nights. In fact, technology makes it possible for you to minimize going through mounds of paperwork or visiting the office. You’ll be able to access files on the go, perhaps even at the beach. A workflow software platform for accountants also helps you keep track of your time, ensuring that you never stay too late—there’s more to life than just your desk!

3. Taking on too much manual work

CPAs and financial managers have the expertise that can branch out to many skills. With clients coming in daily for little tasks such as billing, tracking, and data input, you may perhaps be constantly overwhelmed with an endless list of tasks.

While taking on challenges helps you and your firm grow better, staying on top of everything you have done and have yet to do can be difficult. This is especially true for basic tasks—while saying “yes” is a choice you must make often, keep in mind that you do not have to accomplish everything on your own. To save you from unwarranted stress and long lists of tasks, automate your days with a workflow routing system.

Make Your Accounting Career Easier with Firm 360’s Management Software

While working hard is an incredibly noble and rewarding pursuit, life begs the question: is that really all there is to it? Your life as an accountant holds more meaning than just data entry, spending too much time at the office, and having little to no control over your workflow.

By knowing which tasks are repetitive and time-consuming, you allow yourself to the room to grow. Cut these items out of your day and try to introduce change into the processes. Technology is your greatest friend—it will transform your firm, preparing it for the future and beyond. In turn, you allow yourself to finally focus on what you need—career growth.

With our cloud-based firm management software, you’ll be able to manage your workflow, track time for billing and payroll, and even communicate with clients better. Book a demo with us today!

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