Bond as a Team, Benefit as a Business.

April 15, 2020

Business is better when it's team-ran and led. From Ford's assembly line to winning Super Bowl teams, teamwork has made the dream work. Working remotely, however, has made it easier to feel less like you are part of a team and more like you're flying solo. The good news is that there are actions you can take right now to let your employees know you still have their backs. Today's blog offers some inspiration and advice on how to reign your team back in and show them support.
Boost independence, boost confidence.

  • Employees should believe in themselves as much as you believe in your business. Foster employee confidence and independence by giving them personal ownership of tasks, motivating them to be creative, think outside the box, and try new things. Show your employees you believe in their work and capabilities, and trust them to make smart decisions. These actions will boost employee confidence and teach accountability. And the best part? They'll boost productivity. Generous boundaries result in a free-flow of ideas, as your employees feel they have room to think on their own accord. The result? Ideas and solutions that you may not have thought up on your own. Reach out to your team today and let them know you're proud of them, and to keep up the good work.

Benefits of belonging.

  • Happy businesses consist of happy employees. Happy employees feel a sense of belonging in the workplace. They trust that their ideas are heard and feel like they are viewed as an asset to the business. Could your employees use a belonging boost? Send a group message encouraging them to share what they've been up to professionally, as well as personally. Praise and recognition go a long way in the workplace, allowing for morale boosts as well as letting your employees know that they are accountable for their actions. Providing personalized, positive feedback to your employees also gives your team a chance to get to know each other and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, employees will learn to view their coworkers as individuals on a team, all after a common goal.

Go with the (work)flow.

  • We've covered the importance of building happy employees. Now let's look at the importance of building happy teams. Happy teams are productive teams, and productive teams have efficient workflow rhythms. Good workflows operate based on good communication between all team members. Clear communication can only exist if employees feel comfortable enough to discuss their ideas with each other openly. It's hard to work together if the team hasn't figured out how to communicate with one another! Encourage your employees to speak up and help the team as a whole. It is easy to feel as if an idea isn't good enough or to be fearful that speaking out will make them appear controlling. As a leader, it is your job to let your employees know that collaboration and initiative are values you and your business value.  Once this camaraderie is established, build your team's confidence in the same ways you build your employee's confidence, with trust, communication, and personalized acknowledgments of progress and productivity. watch your business boom.

  • These simple managerial tips save time and energy and cost your business $0. Employees will find they are happier and more engaged in their work. And you? Well, you'll love all the fresh new ideas, independence, and seeing your employees so inspired. Use this new outlook to motivate your team to work together — and watch your business boom.

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