How to Research and Compare Accounting Software Solutions

February 23, 2023

Accounting practice software solutions are an essential tool for accounting firms of any size. It provides a reliable system for tracking financial data and can save companies significant time and resources. As such, it’s important to ensure you’re using the best software to suit your needs. However, researching and evaluating accounting software solutions can be an overwhelming task, and one that should not be taken lightly. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to help you research and compare accounting software solutions.

Step 1: Assess Your Business’s Needs

Before researching and comparing accounting software, it’s important to assess your firm's needs. Ask yourself the following questions to identify the features and requirements important to your organization:

• What kind of reports and financial data do you need to generate?

• Does your organization cater to multiple clients?

• What are the regulatory requirements for your client's industry?

• Do you require customization or integration with other software?

• What is your budget?

• How much training and support do you need?

Step 2: Research Available Solutions

Once you’ve identified your firm's needs, it’s time to start researching your options. The best place to start is the Internet, as there are numerous websites dedicated to providing information on accounting software. Read up on the latest reviews and compare features to narrow down your search. Other sources of information include industry magazines, software comparison sites, and word of mouth. It’s also a good idea to contact potential vendors directly to get a better understanding of their services and pricing.

Step 3: Create a Comparison Chart

Once you’ve compiled a list of potential accounting workflow software solutions, it’s time to begin comparing them. Create a comparison chart listing each software and its key features. Include pricing, user-friendliness, system integration, customization capabilities, and any other aspect important to your firm. This will make it easier to compare and contrast each solution objectively.

Step 4: Try Before You Buy

Most accounting software vendors offer free demos or trial versions of their products. Take advantage of this and try out any software before making a purchase. This will give you a better understanding of the user experience and ensure that the system meets your expectations.

Step 5: Ask the Right Questions

Before making a final decision, it’s important to ask the right questions of prospective vendors. This includes inquiring about pricing, training and support, system integration, customization capabilities, and any other relevant questions. Make sure to get everything in writing to ensure there are no surprises down the road.

Step 6: Implement the Solution

The final step in the process is to implement the accounting software solution. This can involve training staff on how to use the software, as well as setting up the program in the most efficient way. If your firm requires customization, make sure to discuss this with the vendor prior to implementation. This will help ensure a smooth transition and that you get the most out of the system.


Selecting the right accounting software has its own fair share of challenges. But by following these steps, you can ensure you make an informed decision that meets your business’s needs. Once you’ve done your research and created a comparison chart, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect system.

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