Brandon on Firm360 Long Term Viability

Your Practice Management System is an important part of running your firm. It is important to know that the solution you choose is here to stay. Brandon tells you a little bit about our company and why you can feel safe in choosing Firm360 Learn more at

0:00 hey everyone I'm Brandon gray Chief
0:03 servant leader here at firm 360. today I
0:06 want to talk to you about one of the
0:07 common questions that we get asked a lot
0:10 by inquiring
0:12 a potential partners and customers and
0:15 and even current customers and and
0:16 rightfully
0:18 um important important part of who we
0:20 are and and we want to answer this
0:23 question so one of the one of the main
0:25 questions are how long have you been in
0:27 business how are you funded do you have
0:29 any debt what's the future look like all
0:32 those kinds of things just to get some
0:33 security we understand that the practice
0:37 management uh platform that you use is
0:40 the heartbeat and lifeblood of your firm
0:42 and and affects your livelihood so we
0:45 have no problem uh in being open about
0:47 who we are as a company because we'll
0:49 we'll be a very pivotal partner in in
0:52 your firm so we are a corporation based
0:54 in North Carolina
0:55 we are comprised of only five
0:58 shareholders the funding for the
1:00 business has been provided through Sweat
1:03 Equity and funding just from the five of
1:06 us there's no outside debt the company
1:08 has been very blessed not outside debt
1:12 um on the balance sheet we have myself
1:15 and our chief technology officer clay
1:17 Lehman are the majority shareholders we
1:19 have three outside
1:21 individuals who have joined our our
1:24 organization as shareholders from and we
1:27 hand selected those from a fake
1:29 Technical and business type relationship
1:33 and mentorship for us to help lead and
1:35 guide the company in the direction and
1:38 seek wise counsel from those individuals
1:40 that's that's worked out very well
1:42 we are allowing the company to grow in a
1:45 manner in which the current cash flow
1:47 provides where we've not been striving
1:50 to just pour money into a sales funnel
1:53 and drive numbers we've really built the
1:56 business on sound financial principles
1:58 and we've we've focused on onboarding
2:00 the the clots that we could onboard and
2:03 and do our very best at making sure
2:05 those onboarding tours successful and
2:07 when we've reached our capacity we've
2:09 turned down the onboardings just to to
2:12 grow in a controlled manner so far uh we
2:15 found that's worked very well for us one
2:18 of the other questions we get is uh what
2:20 does your Runway look like are you a lot
2:22 of startups are bootstrapped and I have
2:24 a lot of cash flow and and that from
2:27 that perspective well again we we are
2:31 self-funded uh cash flow positive and
2:34 we're growing at a rate in which the
2:36 cash flows allows us to so we don't have
2:39 any pending time frames with funding
2:41 metrics that we us meet so we're just
2:44 going to keep our head down and keep
2:45 digging and doing exactly what we're
2:47 doing and focusing on our true north of
2:49 our passion integrity and service for
2:52 our clients and providing this solution
2:54 that really adds value to accountants
2:58 lives so we want to keep doing that and
3:00 we're going to keep growing at a manner
3:02 in which the cash flow allows us to and
3:05 and keep the company as healthy as we
3:07 can and and keep keep our head down and
3:10 just keep working so we appreciate the
3:12 opportunity to talk to you and tell you
3:14 a little bit about from 360 and its
3:16 corporate structure and and where we're
3:18 headed from a financial side and as
3:21 always if you have any questions or need
3:23 more information please don't hesitate
3:25 to reach out to us and we'll be glad to
3:27 take care of any any inquiries you have
3:29 thank you