What if it was easy to collect your clients' data?

Jeremy shares some feedback we got from a firm recently about how seamless it was to get back the info from their client base for tax season using Firm360 forms and automation

hey welcome back everybody this is
Jeremy with from 360. today I'd like to
share with you a very interesting
message that we got back from one of our
clients this is from Rue CPA they write
one of the best features of firm 360 has
been the forms we made a client
questionnaire and some checklists and
our return rate has been over 95 percent
which has never happened before
exclamation point so we called them up
and to get some more information we
wanted to know in the past what
percentage of their clients would return
the information that they requested on
time also what kind of questions do they
include on that form in the first place
here's what we learned
using the old tax organizer that was
generated from their software they were
getting responses back from less than
half of their clients so what they did
was they created a form in firm 360 that
looks sort of like this form right here
and they built it into an automated
sequence that was sent out to all of
their tax clients on January 1st at 6
a.m okay and they got a submission back
from more than 95 of their clients now
where did they make this form they made
it in in firm 360. these are easily
customizable and what did they put on
that form that was a great question what
they did is they took the questions from
their old tax organizer which was about
five pages long and they narrowed it
down to the information that they needed
which came down to about two pages long
and that's what they sent out to their
clients and that's what got them their
95 return rate but Jeremy you say
many of my clients are elderly and
they're not comfortable with technology
and that's going to be a problem well we
asked about that too uh what we asked
was how did your elderly clients adapt
to this process because we wanted to
know and they write back we were very
surprised with how well they did they
took to it quite well everyone is using
right signature so that has saved us so
much time exclamation point Exclamation
point so if you'd like to learn more
about how firm 360 might help you save
some time and increase your return rates
from the forms that you need from your
clients early on in the year you can
come here to our website book a demo
from right here on this page somebody on
our team will get in touch with you to
find out if we can help you save some
time and some sanity at the beginning of
the year all right we hope you're doing
well and we hope to hear from you soon